Orbit Hopper (Godot)

Ortbit hopper is a simple 2D game created using the Godot engine. The point of the game is to shoot a probe and establish a stable orbit around a neighbouring planet. Asteroid fields and rogue asteroids may destroy your probe.

This project is one of my first attempts at game development. I never developed it to a full game for various reasons. Firstly, Godot engine is buggy and community is rather small. I decided not to waste time and learn a more serious engine like Unity. Secondly, I have made a lot of mistakes while programming it. Although I have poured a lot of my energy into this game, it's just not worth to fix every issue. The third and most important problem is that after prototyping the game I realised that the main mechanic is just not as fun as I have predicted. I decided to turn this project into a somewhat-playable demo and move on.

To play the game, first shoot a probe by clicking anywhere on the screen and dragging to adjust power. Avoid obstacles and use gravitational pull of other planets to reach the leftmost planet. In most cases your speed will be too high to orbit the planet. In such case, hold down space to slow down.

All artwork was taken from https://opengameart.org/