Pathfinder (JAVA)

PathFinder is a project that I initially though of while doing a robotics coursework for the university. It is a Java GUI program that is meant to visualise the different effects of pathfinding and graph search algorithm. The program will find the shortest way to visit all goals while avoiding obstacles.

My motivation for writing the program was to play around with various algorithms and practice Java programming.

The main features of the program are:

  • Pathfinding (A*, Dijkstra, Heuristic)
  • Travelling salesman (Brute force, Closest neighbour, Greedy)
  • Minimum spanning trees (Prim, Kruskal)
  • Maze solving
  • Draw your own maps: use any graphics program to draw your own set of obstacles and watch the program navigate its way around them

PathFinder was created using Java 1.7 and Netbeans IDE.